Me and the boys

Me and the boys

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Demolition of a Historical Landmark

   Pacifc Mill was one of the first major stepping stones for the Town of Lyman aside from Groce's Stop, 700 acres were purchased from the Groce family and the mill was built. They helped start the community by building 375 homes to house the workers of the plant, a community center, a 12 room school house, churches and an armory. The mill also offered recreational activities for the town including baseball and softball leagues, a community pool and sponsered senior citizen programs.
  It is definately sad to see it go and if you haven't already... ride by and pay your respects by giving one of the first major stepping stones of our quaint little town one last look.

Atleast the street signs will remain and hopefully people will remember the significance of the street names...


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